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Goldbelt Falcon was founded in 2004 and is a subsidiary of Goldbelt, Inc., an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) committed to providing value to our customers, developing long-term relationships, maintaining the highest level of integrity while working with our customers, employees and suppliers, and contributing to the welfare and benefit of our shareholders.

Goldbelt Falcon graduated from the SBA 8(a) Program in 2014 and is a mid-sized business with more than 150 employees operating across the US and overseas, performing on many contracts, tasks and subcontracts. We have an experienced leadership team and maintain a Program Management Office (PMO) with processes, education, certifications, relationships and expertise to meet almost any requirement.

Goldbelt Falcon works successfully with the federal government utilizing the Special Rights given to ANCs under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), approved by Congress in 1971. These rights include providing small business credit as a subcontractor, as well as a potential 5% incentive for subcontracting with an ANC firm. ANCSA provided both financial and land distribution rights to Alaska Native Corporations. Learn more about Goldbelt’s history and heritage as an Alaska Native Corporation here. 


Goldbelt Falcon works to provide solutions to our customers, setting the standards of performance and making a difference, to create long-term relationships with clients, employees and corporate partners. These relationships are built on the quality of our services and confidence in our employees and management team. Our business will always incorporate the highest standards, values, and traditions, honoring our Alaska Native culture and heritage.


Success in government contracting is built upon a network of professional relationships and past performance. Goldbelt Falcon created and maintains absolute customer satisfaction with our quality, price, performance, and resources. We are committed to providing satisfaction of our customers. Evidence of that commitment is our long-standing performance on contracts over many years and successor contracts.

Goldbelt Falcon is committed to providing opportunities to our shareholders through preferential hiring, internships, coop positions, and employee development programs. We pride ourselves on our resourcefulness in fully exercising all rights and privileges available to us under federal law in order to best benefit both Goldbelt Falcon customers and our shareholders.