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Goldbelt Falcon offers diverse management solutions to our customers, leading teams of all sizes and providing multi-faceted support. Our expertise includes program management, logistics, and training services.


Goldbelt Falcon provides logistics experience from start to finish. We work diligently from requirement definition through program initiation and support, to production, lifecycle support, and evolutionary program management, along with every step in between. Our Logistics experience and expertise spans the arc of Motorpool Operations (vehicle operation, maintenance and management), to Shipping/Receiving and Warehouse Operations to Logistics requirements development as part of the systems design process.

Warehouse Operations

Goldbelt Falcon personnel perform all shipping and receiving/warehouse support at an East Coast Navy base for all shipments moving on or off the base, verify shipping documentation, provide data entry for Navy ERP material information system, provide packing and crating, arrange shipping using appropriate medium, warehousing, delivery of incoming materials to end users around the base, provide disposal warehouse operations, including IT assets, office equipment, precious metal recovery and all facets of reporting.

Logistics Engineering

As part of our Coast Guard support efforts, we provide subject matter experts focused on root cause analysis, reliability centered maintenance and documentation development support for new and existing communications, command and control systems for ship and shore-based systems.

Program Management

We offer an array of functional support and analyses for your organization, including program management, budget assessment, planning, system evaluation, organizational analysis and restructuring, administrative support and workload assessment. We help minimize your program risk with a fully integrated approach to budgeting, scheduling, and resource planning management while maintaining the appropriate contractor role aware of, and proactively managing any potential Organizational Conflicts of Interest (OCI) issues. Our program execution plans focus on risk mitigation and successful project completion. We know that well-defined project planning—made possible through analysis of project technical goals, performance requirements, and system objectives—is the key to our success. We stand ready to work cooperatively with your team to develop the myriad of planning and tracking documents government acquisition requires (i.e., Program Master Plans (PMPs), Project Development Plans (PDPs), Business Continuity and Contingency Plans, Team Work Plans (TWPs), etc.).


Goldbelt Falcon proudly provides a full range of training support from cultural studies, training, and program management services which support the unique and critically important Civilians on the Battlefield training program to over-the-shoulder technical training for installed shipboard systems and newly installed IT equipment, among others. Our managers and training specialists are field-experienced experts so that we can provide the talent, experience and resources to meet the dynamic, challenging demands of our clients’ training programs. Our highly qualified personnel have trained multiple organizations, along with thousands of active duty Military, National Guard and reservist soldiers, and Coast Guard personnel.