About Us

GbFalcon BuildingGoldbelt Falcon, strategically located in Hampton Roads, Virginia, is an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC). Goldbelt Falcon is on a journey. On this journey, we start as a quality small business but evolve into a continuously improving large business. Our parent, Goldbelt, Incorporated, includes real estate, tourism, and government services as part of their offerings. Goldbelt Falcon contributes to the Goldbelt, Inc. overall vertical integration through focused government services offerings. In particular, we focus on the scientific, technical, and engineering needs of customers charged with defense, homeland security, aerospace technologies, and environmental protection. We fully exploit all rights and privileges available to us under federal law to the benefit of Goldbelt Falcon customers and shareholders.

Goldbelt Falcon operates effectively across a diverse range of customers and capabilities, partly because of our domain expertise and technology tools, but most importantly because of our employees. Our company and employees are committed to values of integrity, responsibility, excellence and service—all critical elements in establishing relationships of trust. We understand and embrace the far-reaching impact of our work. The key to our success is our people—technicians, scientists, engineers, analysts, and other professionals as well as infrastructure specialists in finance, accounting, human resources, contracts, security and maintenance—who solve customer problems. Our employees are experts in their fields, know first-hand the needs of their customers, and pride themselves in forming strong customer relationships and a heritage of trust.


Alaskan Glacier

Goldbelt Falcon, LLC was founded in 2004 and is a directly owned subsidiary of Goldbelt, Incorporated, an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC). Goldbelt Falcon strives to be the leading independent preferred provider of engineering and technical support services to the national defense, homeland defense and aerospace marketplaces. More than ever, these organizations face new problems with increasing complexities that span organizational boundaries, which involve emerging scientific technologies, and demand cost efficient solutions. Goldbelt Falcon has helped these organizations make important progress in these rapidly changing environments.

Goldbelt Falcon is successfully working with federal government contracting officers providing them sole source contracting opportunities utilizing the Special Rights given to ANCs under the 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) approved by the US Congress. ANCSA provided both financial and land distribution rights to these native corporations. Goldbelt has over 3000 Alaska native shareholders who directly benefit from economic business development initiatives carried out by Goldbelt subsidiary businesses.