Vision, Values, Commitment & People

Keys to success = peopleVision

Goldbelt Falcon seeks to provide solutions to our customers; setting the standards of performance and making a difference, to create long term relationships with clients and corporate partners. These relationships are built on the quality of our services and confidence in our management team. Our business will always incorporate the highest standards, values, and traditions of our Native American heritage.


Doing the right thing for our customers, our Members, our employees, and our country.

Showing loyalty and respect to our customers, our Members, our employees, and our country.

Demonstrating integrity in our dealings with our customers, our Members, our employees, and our country.


Success in government contracting is built upon a network of professional relationships and past performance. Goldbelt Falcon has worked to create and maintain absolute customer satisfaction with our quality, price, performance, and resources. It is our goal to continue our commitment to the satisfaction of our customers.


The key to our success is our people—computer scientists, software development engineers, systems analysts, scientists, engineers, and other high-technology professionals; as well as infrastructure specialists in finance, accounting, human resources, contracts, security, and maintenance—who help assist customers with their all of their needs. Our employees are experts in their fields, know first-hand the needs of their customers, and pride themselves in forming strong customer relationships and a heritage of trust. We offer competitive salaries and benefits commensurate with current market offerings.